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Get your life balanced by rituals and mantra
The technology to receive help from the nature and planets
In Vedic period of time yagya was a science, which can help people to connect with nature and God. But nowadays we have already forgotten how to get support from nature.

All our life depends on time and place of our birth and is influenced by the planets and stars. Each planet has its own influence on every entity in this world. And when planets change their position in the sky — their influence on us also change according to our horoscope.

To make them favourable with us we can pray, we can chant mantras, donate, perfom some serving activities and also we can do special amulets from stones or trees which are connected with particular planets. To get more support, you can do special yagya. This ritual is performed by several bramins (clergymens) who chant mantras for different planets. Such kind of yagya usually takes 7–9 days.

Yagya is a technology which allow us to connect with particular planets. Our goal is to please the planet during the ritual by sacrifying different seeds, fruits, water, wood, oil, sweets and also by chanting mantras. All vibrations addressing the planet and reach the root of it. By this we can change our life situation.

We can do yagyas to pacify our ancestors, to ask purification and power from them. Also through yagya we can pray for the help from cosmic energies to remove obstacles on the way to our goals.

If you want to have a yagya, bramins are ready to help you in this.
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