YOGA-TOUR in Badrinath
9-15 october 2019
with Master Keshav Dav

Yoga retreat you will:

Go deep in Himalayas and Indian culture, visit ancient temples and places of power, where the great yogis practiced
Meet and talk with practicing Master Keshav Dav, who has in-depth knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic scriptures and Astrology.
Get traditional knowledge of yoga, the Universe, the soul and the body
Ask important questions and get the answers you need
Make new friends
Get a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions

About Master
"From early childhood I received ancient knowledge from my Master. They were entrusted to me. Now my duty, while I am alive, is to use them to serve others, and also to pass them on to those who are ready. "
Keshav Dav is a spiritual Master with deep knowledge of traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic scriptures and Astrology.
At the age of 7.5 years he met his first spiritual mentor; Sri Asaram Ji, who trained the young Keshav in Sanskrit, imparting spiritual knowledge while they looked after cows in the Himalayan forest together. Keshav Dav's interest in philosophy, mystical yogas and «God» grew with each passing day.
We will be glad to answer your questions:

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Tour cost — 600$
Prepayment 100$
To book a place in the group, you must make an advance payment. Prepayment is made by Paypal.

The remaining amount is paid in cash in dollars upon arrival. Prepayment is not refundable (only if we can not conduct a tour).

Included in the price
- Transport from Rishikesh to Badrinath and back (we rent a bus for the duration of the trip).

- Hotel accommodation

- Excursions, lectures on the visited holy sites

Not included in the price
- Flight to Delhi

- Transport from Delhi to Rishikesh

- Visa

- Food

Tour program
Devprayag is the place where two sacred rivers - the Bagirati and Alaknanda - merge, forming the most sacred river of India - the Ganges.

Tungnath Temple is one of the five Shiva temples of Panch Kedar. The ascent is 4km up the scenic road to a height of 3680m above sea level.

Joshimath City, which houses one of the most famous temples of Lord Narasimha.

The city of Badrinath, one of the seven most powerful places in India, where in the Temple in the main temple is the self-revealing deity Badri (Lord Narayana). This temple is visited monthly by millions of pilgrims from all over the world.

We will also visit places:

Where powerful yogis practiced, including the cave of the great teacher of Lord Rama - Vasishthi.

Where the Vedas were written

Where did the events of the great Mahabharata

Departure from Rishikesh on October 9th early in the morning, return to Rishikesh on October 15th.

Valeria Novikova
There are many people who are quite skeptical of all kinds of spiritual practices. In fact, our soul needs food much more than our stomach. Unfortunately, today, people have become too far from understanding that there is a soul, that there is a God. In the short time that I spent in the house of Keshava Ji, he became for me like a father. Great person! Fell in love with this house with all my heart and soul! I am convinced that now my life will be completely different! I want to say this, if suddenly someone wants to, not knowing what, and wants to go there, not knowing where, it means your soul is in extreme hunger! And that means you definitely have a road to Rishikesh to the house of Keshava Ji!
Daria Kashirskaya
I met Keshav Ji several years ago and held 2 workshops with him, one in the Himalayas and the other in Gokarna. Now I was visiting him, in Rishikesh, and we visited one of the main shrines, Badrinath. Every time I communicate with the Master, I get even more than I could imagine! Keshav Ji gives so much knowledge that is enough for a lifetime to put them into practice! Every time new doors open up for me to know myself and God. The Master has a gift to inspire his students to practice and spiritual development! After meeting with the Master, I know where to go and why! And most importantly, the forces appear to change something in their life, to perform their Dharma in the best way. Keshav Ji feels people very well, and helps everyone to grow spiritually! I am very happy that I met my Guru! Om Namo Narayana!
Natella Poulariani
Low bow and thanks to the organizers and, of course, Keshav Ji for our trip to the Himalayas. I had no idea what is possible in principle. In our culture, unfortunately, there is no concept of a Master, a person who by his presence alone gives you the opportunity to learn. A person whose word you intuitively trust unconditionally, if he says so, it means it is the way it is. I first encountered such feelings and what kind of happiness it is! I have no doubt that I will come again and again. See you again!
YOGA-TOUR in Badrinath
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