"Ayurveda and Yoga"
in Rishikesh

1 level: March 10-20 , 2020
2 level: March 22-31, 2020
with Master Keshav Dav

Course program

Pranayama and asanas (yoga therapy)
Constitution of the body in Ayurveda (Doshi), nature of mind
Nutrition according to Ayurveda, сombinations of food due to constitution of body
Diagnosis and treatment, -medical plants, pulse diagnosis
Day routine, hygiene, cleansing, sleeping
Excursion to the village where Master Keshav Dav was born

Also on the course you could:
Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of India, feel the philosophy and spirit of the ancient country
Get knowledge of the universe, the soul and the body
Understand yourself and your nature, feel the inner balance
Talk with the Master outside the classroom, get answers to your questions
Pass the Ayurvedic consultation with the Master (pulse diagnosis)
Get a certificate
About master
«From early childhood I received ancient knowledge from my Master. They were entrusted to me. Now my duty, while I am alive, is to use them to serve others, and also to pass them on to those who are ready».

Keshav Dav is a spiritual Master with deep knowledge of traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic scriptures and Astrology.
We will be glad to answer your questions:

Whatsapp: +7 (921) 645-64-10


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Tuition fee

1 level: 600 $
1 and 2 levels: 1150 $

Prepayment $ 100
To book a place in the group, you should just make an advance payment of $ 100. The remaining amount is paid in cash in dollars upon arrival. The prepayment is not refundable. The first seven participants who have made an advance payment will receive a discount of $ 50!
Included in the price
- training course
- lectures and practices
- yoga and pranayama
- ayurvedic vegetarian food ( 2 times a day + fruits )
- excursion

Not included in the price
- flight to Delhi
- Transfer Delhi - Rishikesh (taxi $ 60. Car for 4 people)
- visa
- accommodation. We book rooms for you in the neighboring hotels or guest houses. from $ 8 to $ 12 per day per room (accommodation for 2-3 people is possible).

At the end of the course a certificate of training is issued.
It is also possible to get a certificate of the Yoga Alliance of the USA (yoga teachers) after completing two levels of training! This certificate is charged separately. The cost of the certificate is $ 100.

FULL Course program
1 level (March, 10-20) "Introduction to Ayurveda"

- Rules for practicing yoga (pranayama, asanas, meditation):
- how to organize a place for practice, a protective mantra for practice
- body position in meditation and pranayama (asanas for practice)
-how to choose a direction for practice (side of the world)
- what should be the food
- hygiene rules
-mode food and water for practitioners
- warm up (joint gymnastics)

Rules in the ordinary life of a person: hygiene, nutrition, cleansing, sleep, walking.

Pranayama. Theory and practice
- The definition of pranayama. Prana, human breathing, 10 types of prana (air flow in the body).
- Anul-vil, nadi shodhana, kapalabhati, bhastrika, ujai, bramari, sitali, sitkari.

Treatment in various diseases: abdomen, mind, back, nervous system (clamps, blocks in the spine).

Ayurvedic practice
- Preparation for treatment
- Qualifications and duties of an Ayurvedic doctor (protective mantra)

Constitution: Kapha, Vata, Pitta
- Characteristics of constitutions and diseases caused by the imbalance of each of them.

- Types of diseases.
- Types of treatment.
- The cause of the appearance of diseases, diagnosis of external signs
- Levels of development of diseases at different levels (food, blood, muscles, etc.)
- Treatment of diseases: pain in the back, stomach (constipation, diarrhea), cold.

- Rules of collecting plants.
- Rules of preparation of medicine
- The use of popular herbs for treatment and prevention.

- Food products: spices, vegetables, fruits, legumes (classification by effect on dosha, use in the treatment of diseases)
- The rules of combining products

Ayurveda terminology (terms in Sanskrit)
- Types of diseases
- Formes of fire
-6 flavors
-7 levels of food transformation (dhatu),
-13 kinds of force in the body that cannot be stopped.
- Diagnostics by pulse (basic understandings, recommendations and exercises for mastering this art)

Isolation of the navel
- Adjust the body (body), the treatment of various diseases associated with digestion using the navel detuning.

2 level (March, 22-31)
- Pranayama (channel system "Nadi", treatment with pranayama.
- Effect before the body for the season
- The effect of various flavor combinations on doshas.
- water temperature in different situations)
- Types of salt in nature, their properties and effects on the body
- Types of urine used in Ayurveda
- Types of milk and dairy products
- Pulse diagnostics
- Various diseases (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
- Diseases of the mind, diabetes, alcoholism, diseases of the female reproductive system, cholesterol, gastritis, ulcer, cough and others.
- Medicinal plants
- Medicinal tinctures
- Types of honey, their properties and effects on the body
- Types of oils and their properties and effects on the body
- How is the nature of the mind
- Product combinations, products according to doshas.
- Ayurvedic medicines, name and application.

- Excursion to the Indian village, where Master Keshav Dav was born, and where we are currently planting fruit trees and medicinal herbs- it is the Master's main charitable project.
Larisa Terekhova
Have you ever made seven promises while staring into the fire? Do you have a special talent, such as writing? Do you know the answer to the question 'what eats fire'? How are laziness and relaxation related? What is the constitution of people who fall asleep as if falling into darkness?
What is the constitution of people who feel like they fall into darkness at the point of entering sleep? How do we determine which diseases have settled in a person just by looking at him? How to start your day after waking up? When should your morning begin and your day finish? What is the best time to eat, to drink, to study? How to combine components in the diet? Is it possible to live without drugs? Why did nature create so many plants? Cinnamon - what is it? Medicine or seasoning? What does it mean to remember your origins? How to breathe, talk, listen? How to treat your body, yoga and body?

All these questions, and many more, we uncovered with our teacher Keshav JI, a truely unique person, at an amazing seminar on Ayurveda and Yoga. Each of us came to the seminar with a purpose and we received the knowledge and experience which we were ready to accept and use, opening our abilities and features, expanding the consciousness.
The range of practical classes was huge: pranayama, asanas and yoga, including work with plants. Lectures. Outdoor activities in nature - high in the Himalayas (virginity of nature) - where we listened to the plants, studied them, spoke to them, learned their healing properties and features, cooked food (correctly and very tasty), planted plants in plantations (useful for health), collected the purest mountain water and drank with smacking (this left a huge mark in my heart…).
The most important thing was, that before our eyes, the Master accurately diagnosed his disciples, showed his experience in healing people (those who came for help, needed it), and shared with us the most sacred knowledge and techniques.
With the master's help and openness and his devotion to his own beloved Teacher, to his work, to his responsibility for the disciples and for the results - and through the master's Love for everything that surrounds him - our hidden qualities, our Divinity, was revealed.

The course of Ayurveda and Yoga has just begun. Homework and sequels ahead. If any of you are
attracted by this blend of Ayurveda and Yoga come to Rishekesh, India, to Master-Teacher Keshav JI.

Zorina Inessa
It so happened that my first trip to India took place against the background of a seminar on Ayurveda with master Keshava Dev. The course was very voluminous, consisting of 4 thematic sections: Introduction to Ayurveda, basic yoga asanas, some types of breathing (pranayama) and acquaintance with plants.

There was no time to explore India, the focus was almost exclusively on the classes - that were interesting and practice-oriented.

Master Keshav Dev immediately outlined his goal of spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda for the prevention and treatment of existing diseases. For example, for my father, who suffers from Parkinson's disease (which is known to be without cure), Ayurvedic medicines stabilized his condition and caused positive changes. He began walking long distances, showing more independence in everyday life and taking up a simple job at home.

A month and a half has passed since he started the medication. Let's see what happens next…
I very much recommend taking this course, it will be useful and enjoyable as the Master not only has great knowledge and a sensible approach to life, but also charisma.

I want to thank his wonderful assistants and students Nelly, Masha and Alina, his wife and associate, Aruna, and the whole group for their constructive attitude.

Maria Shubnikova
We recently completed a course on Ayurveda. This course was conducted by my Master.
There were many students and this coincided with his mission to give the accumulated knowledge.
I really want to share with you what was us going on those 15 days, but it's very difficult!

1 - We only gradually beginning to come to awareness of and barely meaningful understanding of.
It needs digesting. Information flowed to us like a cornucopia, on all levels. Verbally, spiritually, mentally and energitically. This was an example of how living knowledge is really transmitted.

2 - It is magic. I'm serious! The process of transferring knowledge, knowledge as a living unit, from mind to mind is not a book to read. This is what is passed from Master to disciple. This is when something is alive, born inside and develops depending on how it is nourished.

3 - I'm not exaggerating. If we take the whole field of Ayurveda - it is translated as 'The Science of Living'. You imagine that it describes all aspects of life. Rules and writings of a harmonious and uplifting life in all its manifestations. It's like standing by a mountain, very big… similar feelings. But We got to the foot of Ayurveda - and appreciated the depth of knowledge, stepped with one foot on these lands inhaled, exhaled… and watched.

"Ayurveda and Yoga"
in Rishikesh
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